Praise On The Mountain (continued)

Here are the other four songs that I sang at Praise On The Mountain :)


The Decision

Here is a video of me at Praise On The Mountain singing a song I wrote called "The Decision" I will post the rest of the videos soon :)


Exciting News :)

I am excited to say that by way of album sales I have completely paid off my latest project :) This is really exciting because the album has only been out for about 4 or 5 months! So if you have purchased "Moving Ahead" THANK YOU soooo much!!! I really appreciate all the support I have received from everyone! Now I can start putting any profit I make towards the 3rd cd that I have been busy writing material for! I have tentative plans to start recording sometime around the beginning of the next year...

Also "Moving Ahead" is FINALLY on iTunes :) so search "Landry Cantrell Moving Ahead" and you can download it for only $9.99 please leave a review I would love to hear your thoughts on the album!

Can't wait to see everyone at Praise On The Mountain this Saturday :)



Now On CDbaby.com

Both of my CD's are now available on CDbaby.com! you can purchase "Moving Ahead" by clicking the picture below... it will also be available on iTunes very soon :)

Buy Now


"Moving Ahead" on iTunes Soon!

I have just received an update that my album "Moving Ahead" will be available for purchase and download via CDbaby.com, iTunes and many other online distributors very soon! They have received all my product and are processing everything now :) SO be sure to check it out very soon!



"Made To Worship"

Here are some videos of me and my friend Ivan Lopez singing a song off of my CD "Moving Ahead" Me and my good pal Frankie Taylor wrote and recorded this song together for the album...

in this one our voices didn't sound mixed on the platform cause my mic was louder and the music was quiet in the monitor mix... but in the audience i heard it was an even mix... anyhow this is the backstage view in Hanford...lol



I am back from tour now and I am SERIOUSLY missing everyone so much!!! This year was a blast and definitely blew last year out of the water... Bro. Fitz did an awesome job in leading the choir once again! The passion that he has for young people and the WAY choir is incredible! God did many powerful things on this years tour and I think that everyone of the choir members were spiritually fed!

I was extremely honored that Bro. Fitz asked me to sing a song off of my CD each night during the choirs vocal break... below is a video of me singing "Yours Completely" in Citrus Heights, I will post more videos of me singing as I upload them!